The Markings on My Heart

This body of work is reflective of my current immersion into the throws of motherhood with the birth of my first daughter in February, 2022. The first time I kissed her soft cheek, held her hand in mine, and saw her smile… each of these moments etched a mark on my heart, and I know that it will never be the same again.

My maternity leave meant the upheaval of life as I knew it so I set an intention to be accepting of change and to look for opportunities to revel, explore and play in the newness of it all. This series was created with that playfulness in mind and has served as an outlet for the intense feelings of love, overwhelm, love, exhaustion, love, anxiety and love, that motherhood has to offer.

I have imagined the marks of motherhood on my heart as beautiful folk art motifs, showcasing elements of nature. Folk art is known for telling stories of daily life, and it doesn’t always follow traditional rules about making things look realistic or accurate. Incorporating these motifs into my colorful, but usually more realistic, wildlife paintings, emanates the ethereal beauty and inspiration my daughter brings to my life, and speaks to seeing the world with a renewed childlike wonder.