The Grateful For You Mail Club! Spreading Kind Words and Art!

In a year where we have been missing hugs and gatherings that bring us a sense of togetherness, I've been dreaming of ways to feel more connected to the ones I love, and with that I am excited to launch.... 

The Grateful For You Mail Club! 

Who doesn’t love getting something fun in the mail!?

A while ago I was working a job that had me out of town up to 21 days at a time and feeling pretty darn disconnected from my friends and family. I was reading a book about finding balance and direction in my life and it suggested writing a letter to someone I care about. Not only was it a chance to connect but it also gave me an opportunity to reflect on memories that brought me joy.

The friend that received the letter from me was so excited to unexpectedly receive something in the mail and for a while we were suddenly sending letters back and forth and feeling more connected than ever.

As we all go through the ups and downs that 2020 has brought us, it had me thinking about this again….

Reflecting on gratitude and staying connected with the people that are important to us has become more important than ever. Did you know that letter writing can be a form of gratitude journaling in itself? It’s mindful and purposeful and the best part is it doesn’t stop with you – it’s also a chance to spread those feelings of joy and gratitude with the postcard recipient.

Previously I have only offered my art through original paintings and prints, but I didn’t want them to be limited to the wall space you have available anymore. I have created quite the collection of paintings over the past six years and I am really excited about combining them with my love for letter writing for a new way to share them with you!

With that the “Grateful For You Mail Club” was born! Through the mail club I hope to help spread joy through not only a prompt to get you writing, but also new happy art image each month!

By joining the Mail Club you will get a beautiful original art postcard (or several!), sent to you monthly so that you can keep in touch with all of the people that mean the most to you! Use the postcard to remind them what you are grateful for about them, and make their day when they receive not only a fun piece of art in the mail, but a heartwarming message from you as well!

Each month the postcard(s) will feature a different painting, and be delivered to you with the needed stamp(s) to help making staying connected easier than ever.

Who are you most grateful for? Who do you want to reconnect with? Who do you want to remind that you are thinking of them? You can order anywhere from one to four postcards per month to spread the love!

I challenge you to flex your gratitude muscles and bring back the art of handwritten letters! Sign up for a 3 month, 6 month or one year subscription, with the first round of postcards being sent out early January.

With gratitude and love I wish you all happy writing! 


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